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New England Girl Scouts - Detangle With Me Live Class

New England Girl Scouts - Detangle With Me Live Class

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Seniors and Ambassadors on 9/28 @ 11:00am ET

Juniors and Cadettes on 10/5  @ 11:00am ET

Daisies and Brownies on 11/2  @ 11:00am ET



Join us for an engaging workshop designed to teach troop members the art of detangling hair with care. Our interactive session combines instruction, demonstration, and hands-on practice to accommodate various learning styles.

Workshop Goals:

  • Learn how to detangle hair without causing damage.
  • Gain practical skills that can be applied at home.
  • Access a recorded version for future reference.


  1. Ice Breaker: Hair Care Myth or Fact Game Let's kick off with a fun game to debunk hair care myths and separate fact from fiction!

  2. Quick Introductions: Each participant shares their name and an interesting fact. We'll also provide an overview of what to expect from the workshop.

  3. Presentation: Dive into a PowerPoint presentation offering step-by-step instructions and essential information for effective detangling.

  4. Tutorial: Watch a short demonstration video illustrating each detangling technique in action.

  5. Q&A: Have any burning questions? This is your chance to ask before we delve into the practical session.

  6. Hands-On: Time to put theory into practice! Participants will actively detangle their hair, following the demonstrated techniques.

  7. Closing Thoughts: Reflect on the process, share any final questions or thoughts, and wrap up the workshop on a positive note.


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