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Metamorphosis Duet Set

Metamorphosis Duet Set

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Unlock the secrets to vibrant, natural locks with our Metamorphosis Hair Lengthening & Strengthening products. Elevate your textured hair care routine effortlessly!

Product Benefits:

  • Lightweight and non-greasy formula ideal for braid/twist outs and heat-styled looks.
  • Promotes healthy hair growth and addresses scalp concerns.
  • Locks in moisture, softening strands and reducing breakage for luscious tresses.
  • Enhances shine and combats bacterial concerns on the scalp.
  • Suitable for all hair types, aiding in combating traction alopecia.

Tips for Healthier Hair:

  • Use on wet or dry hair for versatile application.
  • Maximize moisturizing effects on freshly washed scalp and hair for optimal results.
  • Apply the oil first to enhance moisture absorption, followed by the pomade to seal in the goodness.
  • Partner water with our products for a transformative hydration experience.

Discover the magic of natural hair care and enjoy healthier, vibrant tresses. Please note, our products are not medical solutions and results may vary.

Note we are a small family run business so ship on the 15th of every month. If you need your product sooner please let us know!

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    How to achieve a lace front look with your own hair

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    Watch as just a dime size of oil, and a finger tip of pomade transforms this 2-week old flat ironed style from dry to mirror shined and moisturized.

    Looks like a weave!

    Hair so healthy it looks like a weave

    One experience our customers often share is people asking them whether or not their hair is real.

    Regardless of the length or grade, the Metamorphosis Hair Lengthening & Strengthening Collection results in hair so healthy, people will think it's a lace front.


    the best time to use our products

    The best time to use our products are any time you want to experience improved health of your hair and scalp.
    * Use on both wet and dry hair.
    * Use exclusively or add to your existing hair care regimen.
    * Use on both chemically relaxed and natural strands.

    So powerfully potent that just the tiniest bit does the trick - on all textured hair types (2C - 4C).