Welcome Girl Scouts!



As former Girl Scouts it is our pleasure and honor to partner with the organization that helped shape us into who we are today! Many of our favorite memories were at Girl Scout camp or at the weekend events! Talk about a full circle moment! We are super excited to get to work with you guys and we hope to encourage independence, self love, and self acceptance! 

We are a PROUD partner of the following councils:

  • Kentucky’s Wilderness Road 
  • North East Texas

If you don’t see your council listed you can still participate. Please contact your troop leader or sign up for our monthly sessions.

Interactive Workshops - Learn by doing - One topic at a time

  • Join a live virtual session every month HERE
  • Request a live private session for your troop or council HERE  (virtual, hybrid, or in person)
  • Watch a self paced session HERE


Badge specific workshops COMING SOON!

 We can also provide workshops in a series as well. Also note we do take requests! So if you would like to learn something you don’t see listed just send us an email