What We're Reading: Fifty & Fabulous "How I Slayed Her", featuring Towanda R. Livingston

What We're Reading: Fifty & Fabulous "How I Slayed Her", featuring Towanda R. Livingston


Y'all, let me tell you about the Fabulousness that is Towanda Livingston.  I had the pleasure of working with this queen for about a decade, prior to her stretching her wings and flying off to better experiences.

When I think of the definition of a true "ride or live" chick, she is the face that pops in my head. She consistently stands with me in unwavering ways, and always has my back - even when it is unpopular to do so, and even when I have no idea that she knows a sistah is going thru it. She constantly peppers my life, and the lives of all she encounters, with love and support and unapologetic glow. In fact, she's the inspiration behind our hashtag #GlowUnapologetically. I love this lady and am immensely pleased that God has gifted her (and us) with a larger platform to reach more hearts and souls who need her.  From me to you, Towanda - I'm immensely pleased that you slayed that b*%ch!  Yes!

 Peep some of my favorite quotes from Towanda's story below:

"...the very things that were tormenting me, I invited in - not only did I invite them in, I allowed them to come in and set up shop in my head and heart."

 "Popularity is like a fad and it will wane; however, greatness will give you influence and courage to change the world.  Trust me, it lasts longer than popularity. "

"Either by inspiration or desperation you will be pushed into your purpose."

"It is my belief that a woman is always in a state of becoming the best version of herself; and she will have slay many versions of her past selves ( "HER") as she evolves.  There is a constant struggle within every woman between who she use-to-be and who she is destined to become."

Click the link below to buy a copy of this inspirational book, then get to slaying! 



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