Say GOODBYE to bald spots

This lovely lady used the Metamorphosis Scalp & Hair Therapy Oil for approximately one month.  Check out her results - bald spot filled in pretty quickly.  We love it when our clients' haircare challenges are resolved!  

We also love healing the hearts of our clients thru their hair.  As women of color, we often have a complicated relationship with our hair, which often seeps into other areas of our lives - in ways that are not too cool.  We love to see our customers fall in love with their hair again (or for the first time).   We loooooooove being a part of the collective healing. 






Beyond shoulder length - FINALLY!

Grow black hair long

Check out our happy customer's new length.  After consistently using our Metamorphosis Hair Lengthening & Strengthening Collection for about 4 months, her hair finally passed her shoulders and is quickly approaching bra strap length.   

She flat irons her hair regularly and was very pleased to see a reversal of heat damage after using our products.  She happily remarked that her curl pattern is back, and her hair is longer than it's ever been.  Even after trimming her ends once this picture was taken, she is still experiencing record breaking length for her.  We love it.



Insane MOISTURE and elasticity

This queen was given a sample sized bottle of Metamorphosis Scalp & Hair Therapy Oil by my awesome sister-in-law.  Prior to trying it, she was pretty happy with the health of her hair.  After using our all natural oil blend; however, and seeing an immediate increase in the elasticity of her hair, she began to use it regularly. Her hair is now  as healthy as it's ever been, and is incredibly moisturized.   






Say HELLO to curl patterns!

After years of relaxing her hair and experiencing excessive heat damage, this happy customer became convinced that she would never see her beautiful curls again.  Even after making the big chop, her hair failed to retain moisture or develop any real elasticity, resulting in hair that would not curl when wet.

She was not ready to invest in all three products and asked - if she could only purchase one, which product would work best for her particular hair challenge?  I recommended our all natural Metamorphosis Scalp & Hair Therapy Oil.  After using the oil for just three weeks, we received the text to the left from her.  She was over the moon to see that elasticity was restored and her lovely curls were back.  We are excited to walk with her on her natural and healthy hair journey.